OBEL: Occupant Behaviour and Energy Laboratory
Occupant response, behaviour, and well-being
If you have all the answers, what else is there to learn? But the search for human behaviour is infinite; you'll never understand it all. I just think that's wonderful. - Uta Hagen.

Current research areas

■ User perception and behaviour in buildings

  - Adaptive comfort (thermal and luminous)

- Behavioural models for environmental control systems

■ Energy and carbon efficient buildings

  - Analysis of carbon performance of buildings (field survey and simulation)

- Development of open-source based simulation tools (LT-urban, ESP-r)

■ Renewable energy in buildings

  - building integrated photovoltaic

- Assessment of renewable energy potentials

■ Low carbon technologies for buildings

  - Development of dynamic LED lighting systems for carbon efficient and healthy buildings

- Prediction for daylighting performance of light-pipes

■ Urban climate mapping

  - Development of urban climate mapping for seoul and suwon