OBEL: Occupant Behaviour and Energy Laboratory
Occupant response, behaviour, and well-being
If you have all the answers, what else is there to learn? But the search for human behaviour is infinite; you'll never understand it all. I just think that's wonderful. - Uta Hagen.


Name : Lim, Jihyun (Graduate Student)

Research Interest : Climate Change

Email address : wlgus@khu.ac.kr

Name : Lee, Yeyoung (Graduate Student)

Research Interest : Heat Islands

Email address : leeyeyoung@khu.ac.kr

Name : Kim, Hyojung (Graduate Student)

Research Interest : Thermal Comfort

Email address : hyohyo7151@khu.ac.kr

Name : Kim, Hanjun (Graduate Student)

Research Interest : Thermal Comfort

Email address : khjnomail@khu.ac.kr


Name : Cho, Sunho

Graduation year : FEB 2014

Occupation : KICT, Korea Institute of Constuction Technology

Email address : ssuno62@khu.ac.kr

Name : Jung, Hoyeon

Graduation year : FEB 2014

Occupation : Sustainable Architecture Design Group Chungyeon

Email address : wjdgh@khu.ac.kr

Name : Kim, hyoin

Graduation year : FEB 2012

Occupation : Hanil Mechanical & Electrical Consultants

Email address : hyoinkim@khu.ac.kr

Name : Choi, Jongdae

Graduation year : FEB 2013

Occupation : Sustainable Architecture & Environmental Engineering Consultants

Email address : rkaeld1@khu.ac.kr

Name : Lee, Sara

Graduation year : FEB 2013

Email address : sara45@khu.ac.kr